10 Specific Shoes NYC-Based Celebrities Are Wearing on Repeat This Year

Having lived in New York for a few years after college and visiting the city every year since, I can say from experience that figuring out what shoes to wear in NYC is difficult, to say the least. It’s often quite hot or quite cold, there will likely be lots of walking involved throughout the day, and there are often puddles even when it hasn’t rained in days. The shoes you wear in NYC are basically your armor. Given all of this, I’m always intrigued by the shoes that people choose to wear in the city—especially celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes.

For the most part, the shoes celebs wear in New York are pretty practical—lots of sneakers and flats. But I also notice a fair share of impractical footwear, which can probably be attributed to the fact that celebrities often have drivers bringing them door to door. So just for fun, I rounded up a slew of examples of NYC-based celebrities’ shoes thus far this year. They’re all still in stock so you can shop them too, regardless of where you live.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing a yellow jacket and jeans in NYC

(Image credit: Diamond/Backgrid)

Jennifer Lawrence’s Alaïa mesh flats are well-known for being wildly comfortable, making them a great choice for warm NYC days.