30 Under-$150 Finds That People Will Whisper "Chic" At Every Time You Wear Them

Eliza Huber wearing a fitted black blazer and black Donni capri pants.

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a compliment on the street from another woman. If you’re into fashion, you probably put a lot of thought into what you wear, so to be recognized for that means something—plus, it just feels good. Because of that, I’m always a little bit thinking about what items will garner compliments in the back of my head when I’m shopping. Even if it’s a simple pair of jeans or a classic blazer, my mind goes straight to whether or not it has the subtle details or qualities that’ll win me a compliment or two while I walk up Madison Avenue or down Mercer Street.

I’ve always been so intrigued in general about what makes an item noticeable and what doesn’t, so to put my years of shopping for compliment-worthy pieces to the test, I set out to find a whole heap of them. And to make the challenge even trickier, I put myself on a price limit of $150. Below, shop the 30 discoveries I made along the way, from capri pants to pops of red.

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