7 Chic Festival Fashion Trends More Grown-Up Than Flower Crowns

If we throw out the phrases “Glastonbury”, “festival” or “main stage”, its likely that an immediate picture comes to mind. Mud: yes, heaving crowds: yes, but also the age old festival outfit: kaftans, denim shorts, wellies and of course, plenty of hair accessories, but for those tired of fringing, lycra and body glitter, there are plenty of fashionable alternatives that meet the dress code and still channel free-spirited energy.

Depending on your festival of choice there are likely different aesthetics that will speak to the crowds. Download and Reading/Leeds attendees are likely to be spotted in chokers, corsets and flannel shirts. Coachella’s bohemian desert girls will feel at home in floaty dresses over micro shorts, and those lucky enough to travel abroad for beach front dance festivals will probably feel most comfortable in bikinis, slides and stacked jewellery, but there are new options bubbling up for 2024 for those who haven’t yet found their tribe.

festival fashion trends 2024

Every year, regardless of location, there are certain factors to consider when putting together the perfect festival outfit. Yes, the aesthetic is always important. but we also have to consider temperature, comfort and longevity (as no one wants to be undressing impractical layers in a Portaloo cabin). Having conducted a quick straw poll, it’s clear that if team Who What Wear have learned anything about festival dressing in our years of experience, it’s that the easier the outfit, the better (and you might be better saving fancy dress for something indoors).

festival fashion trends 2024

After all, the best looks are the ones that wouldn’t look out of place on any other day during summer in the city. Think Kate’s mini dress and waist-belt, Sienna’s spaghetti strap mini dress, or Alexa’s cotton dress and Barbour. For long days spent standing for hours, and often ankle deep in the dirt, sparkly crop tops and feather capes will only serve you for so long, and in the words of Assitant Social Media Editor Annie Wheatland Clinch “Timeless combos won’t ever tire”.