Ako wall lamp by Astro Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: designed to have an architectural shape and soft illumination, Astro Lighting’s Ako wall lamp is made with hotel hallways in mind.

The Ako lamp is a decorative wall light that Astro Lighting describes as having “a timeless design with a wide range of smart features”.

Ako wall lamp by Astro Lighting
The Ako wall lamp is designed for hallways

The lamp has a narrow, cuboidal metal body with an opalescent polycarbonate diffuser concealed inside that casts a gentle glow through either end of the structure and out onto the walls.

Astro Lighting describes this as a soft-edged “wash of light” that is comfortable for the eye with no harsh lines or glare.

Ako wall lamp by Astro Lighting
The lamp is available in a variety of finishes, including with a silver inside surface

Available in two sizes, the Ako wall lamp is designed for corridors in hospitality settings and is compatible with smart lighting systems. It comes in a range of finish combinations, including gold or silver for the inside surface and matt black or white for the exterior.

The light source is an integrated LED lamp that promises greater energy efficiency and there is also the option to incorporate integrated dimming.

Product: Ako
Brand: Astro Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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