Aston Martin DBX707 AMR24 is an F1 medical car for the street

Aston Martin supplies a Vantage as one of the Formula 1 safety cars, sharing those duties with a Mercedes-AMG GT. F1 relies on a single medical car, the Aston Martin DBX707 that, when racing matters go awry, might share a track with Aston Martin Racing’s F1 car, the AMR24. Last year, the road car side of the English automaker released a Vantage F1 Edition, modeled after the safety car but down about 115 horsepower. Last year, the firm honored the other end of the field with the DBX707 AMR23 Edition. Apparently, that went well enough for a sequel, so here is the DBX707 AMR24 Edition.

Buyers who wish to stick closest to the inspiration will go for a Podium Green exterior with Lime Green accents, and satin black 23-inch Fortis wheels shrouding calipers colored Aston Martin Racing Green. Inside, the two-tone Onyx Black and Eifel Green cabin with Lime stitching and carbon fiber trim is what you might see were you on the F1 medical team or were you an F1 driver in need. 

Unlike last year, which came in a single cosmetic spec, Aston’s expanded the options menu for this year’s special edition SUV. Buyers can choose Onyx Black or Neutron White exterior colors, the body kit comes in carbon fiber or gloss black, a second accent choice is Trophy Silver, and gloss black wheels can be bolted on in place of satin black. And for real pop, get those brake calipers in Lime.

Further cabin choices offer a solid Onyx interior with Lime stitching, and titanium mesh trim with satin chrome jewelry. The new flourish for this year, on top of the refreshed interior for the DBX707, is a decorative Lime strap at the leading edge of the wireless charging pad.  

Only one engine, the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 making 697 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque. A plaque on the engine, “AMR24” etched in the door sills, and an Aston Martin logo in foil applied to the instrument panel provide identification to outsiders. Source a “Medical Car” tab for the lower front intake and a yellow light bar for the roof, and this one opens four new, and very quick, doors to F1 larping.

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