Bentley previews another limited-edition W12-powered model

Mulliner Tease 2

Bentley’s Mulliner division renewed ties with its coachbuilding past when it unveiled a limited-edition roadster named Bacalar in 2020. The entire production run was quickly spoken for, showing that there’s a demand for small-batch models, and the next car is around the corner.

The preview images released by the British brand intentionally make it difficult to tell precisely what we’re looking at. One shows what we think is a tonneau cover, which all but confirms the next low-volume Bentley is a convertible, and the other shows a back end with a ducktail-like spoiler and horizontal lights. The company also released a short preview video which suggests that there’s some degree of resemblance linking the upcoming car to the Batur, which was unveiled in 2022 to preview a new design language. The front end features a similar look.

Are we looking at a topless Batur? It’s not unfathomable, but nothing is official at this stage. If we are, designers seemingly gave the roadster a specific rear-end design. What’s certain is that Mulliner again prepared a two-door sports car; this isn’t an SUV or a sedan.

Bentley’s twin-turbocharged W12 engine hasn’t reached the end of the line yet. Whatever we’re looking at, it’s powered by what the firm calls the most powerful version of the 12-cylinder. The last car to make this claim is the Batur, whose W12 developed 730 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. It’s unclear whether the Batur and the new car will share bragging rights or if the upcoming model will be even more powerful. Regardless, it’ll be one of the last cars powered by the W12, according to Bentley. It’s not the last, however; there’s more coming.

Production will be limited to 16 units globally, and each one will presumably come with a base price pegged above the seven-digit threshold before customization options enter the equation. Bentley will unveil the mysterious model on May 7, so more details should emerge soon.

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