Biscuits! ‘Bluey’ crew member says the show is officially done on Reddit

Ok folks. Be prepared to have Bluey rip your heart out and make you cry again. In a post on Reddit that has since been deleted (probably because they were asked to pack up their things in a box and leave the premises), an employee at Ludo who was one of the crew who worked on our beloved show said that the show is complete and the last episode was “Surprise!”—which followed what we thought was the last episode, “The Sign.”

Reddit has confirmed this post came from a “for real life” employee, stating on the original thread, “The mods have approved this post as OP has provided some verification of their identity and involvement with Ludo/Bluey. We consider this ‘semi-approved’ as the provided evidence, whilst credible, is from some years ago.” 

Reddit Mods also confirmed, “EDIT: OP has provided additional proof suggesting they still work for Ludo as of this year.”

In the original post, the employee stated:

“Hello! I’m one of the crew who worked on Bluey. I want to tell you that Bluey is finished. The final episodes were completed by the crew in 2021. At the time of writing, there has been no season 4 in production. Nothing has been greenlit and no one is working on it. This is not to say that the situation may change! However this is just what has been the case for the last 3 years.” 

Let’s pause here so you can blow your nose and take a breath.

“The companies involved in Bluey are obfuscating that information so they can keep the machine running. Myself and many others feel it’s not right to keep fans in the dark for the sake of, to put it in the simplest terms possible: profits.”

Pausing here in case you have some rage building.

“‘But WHY is Bluey finishing?” you ask? The Bloomberg article: “Is ‘Bluey’ Ending? Disney’s Worried Biggest Kids Show Ever Is At Risk” lightly delves into the details. Beyond that, it’s not my story to tell,” the employee continued.

In a piece for Bloomberg, “Bluey” creator Joe Brumm doesn’t deny the show could be ending, and shares concerns about the children’s voices on the show. Already, he’s had to adjust the pitch for some of the actors because their voices are deepening, and he doesn’t want to replace the actors we’ve come to love.

“I’d look for every other alternative before replacement,” Brumm tells Bloomberg. “It’s not like there is no precedent for doing it before, but kids are very familiar with these voices, so I think you’d lose something.”

The Ludo employee who originally dropped this bomb concluded their statement: “So, this is the end for now. Truly and deeply, thank you for loving the show as much as we do. It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience to make something that means so much to so many.”

So while it isn’t totally confirmed it’s “for real life” ending, I think this episode of Bluey will be called “Deep Depression” by all of the fans.

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