Brazile says DNC delegates will best show state of Biden campaign amid age concerns

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Former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile said Sunday that all eyes will be on Democratic delegates before the party’s convention as President Biden faces rising concerns over his age.

Brazile said the returned electoral ballots from the party’s delegates will show Biden if there are serious concerns about his candidacy.

“Those delegates who have by and large been supportive of the president, pledged to the president, they will submit their ballots hopefully within one week,” she said in an ABC “This Week” interview.

“We will probably ascertain better than any pollster, better than any pundit, better than any strategist, just where the president stands with his own delegates,” she added.

An increasing number of Democrats have called on Biden to leave the presidential race over concerns about his age and well-being and whether he can defeat former President Trump in November.

The president has so far strongly rejected the calls.

Brazile underlined the importance of the situation for Biden, making clear that the issue of whether he continues his campaign is about more than just him.

“This is a critical time for the country. It’s a very challenging time for the Democratic Party, perhaps a sad and difficult moment for the Biden family,” Brazile said.

She acknowledged the criticism but stood by Biden, again encouraging a focus on party members in their nomination votes this month.

“We know the stakes are very high. We know what’s on the line,” Brazile continued. “Keeping control of the United States Senate, keeping control of the United States House. But at the same time, we are going to have to reassure — and the president has to do it as well as those of us in the party — reassure the country, but more importantly, the delegates.”

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