Cadillac Celestiq gets its first TV commercial, 'A Bespoke Journey'

cadillac celestiq commercial

It’s not the car we would have expected to see in a commercial, but Cadillac’s put together a 90-second spot for the Celestiq, and it seems like it could be destined for broadcast. The automaker’s first Celestiq promo, from a year ago, was a 90-second spot uploaded in 4K, focusing on the electric sedan’s details, the Celestiq parked the entire time in a dramatically lit room. This one’s in standard high-definition, common for ads, and includes all of the accessories necessary for aspirational lifestyle allure — beautiful couple emerging from a multi-million-dollar home, people being slightly unnaturally at peace in a vehicle cabin, the Habanero Orange Celestiq being the most intense splash of color in a twilight cityscape, and so on, plus the small print about the hero car being a production unit required for truthiness in advertising.  

During it all, we get to see new takes on the $340,000 sedan’s features, such as the fingerprint sensor that opens the powered doors and how the four-quadrant electrochromic Smart Glass Roof works, the driver darkening only the portion above his head. We also get glimpses of the 55-inch full-width display, and the Flying Goddess encased in a crystal dial next to the volume control for the 38-speaker AKG audio system. And note the color-matched ambience, the couple and the cabin’s ambient lighting resplendent in shades around the purple end of the spectrum.  

We’re still in the dark about production timing, but we can take this advert as a big step closer to the goal. Two years ago, we expected the car to launch for the 2024 model year; that’s since become the 2025 model year. This is one of the most important Cadillacs in the brand’s history in terms of a statement vehicle, so there’s every reason to get it right. Whenever customers finally take delivery, the specs still point to a 111-kWh battery powering a dual-motor powertrain making 600 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque. We haven’t heard of a production cap, but hand-built volumes out of the Warren Technical Center shouldn’t exceed 150 units per year.

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