Carville says Biden should be replaced

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Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday that President Biden should be replaced at the top of the 2024 ticket following his poor debate performance against former President Trump.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Carville what the Democrats should do to respond to concerns over the debate, and the strategist replied, “Something different.”

“Everyone saw what they saw on Thursday night. I don’t take any pleasure in this,” he added. “President Biden’s a great guy, I’m a great guy too. I don’t have any business running campaigns anymore.”

He pointed out that 72 percent of respondents in a CBS News poll published Sunday said they don’t believe Biden’s health is adequate to serve as president.

“The country is clamoring for change, and what are we going to offer them? The same stuff? It doesn’t make any sense, Jake,” Carville said.

“They want something different. Let’s give it to them. I just don’t get the whole thing, I’ll be honest with you,” he added.

Carville joins other Democrats who have suggested Biden should step aside, including House Democrats who questioned whether he should remain at the top of the ticket in this year’s presidential contest.

“I really like President Biden, but man, the country wants something new, let them have it. Why are we fighting this inevitable desire?” Carville said. “Give the people a shot, let them see who’s in the party, and I believe there’s staggering talent in the Democratic Party. Get out of the way and let a thousand flowers bloom.”

He tried to steer clear of naming names to replace Biden but argued that the country should get to know other Democrats to decide themselves, particularly noting Sen. Raphael Warnock (Ga.), California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Vice President Harris.

During the debate on Thursday, Biden stumbled over his words and occasionally struggled to finish his thoughts, which led Democratic operatives and pundits to immediately discuss him stepping aside.

Carville last week said Biden doesn’t have advisers telling him what to do, he has employees, and predicted that Biden will be off the ballot by Election Day in an interview with Axios.

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