Chase Aeroplan Card: New Offer for 70,000 Points + 40% Bonus on Purchases

The Chase Aeroplan Card is available to US residents and Canadians who have embarked on the path of getting US credit cards. 

As part of Aeroplan’s 40th Anniversary celebration, there’s a new offer available from July 8–17, 2024, offering up to 70,000 Aeroplan points and a 40% bonus on purchases for 40 days.

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Chase Aeroplan Card Offer: 70,000 Aeroplan Points + 40% Bonus

The current Aeroplan 40th Anniversary offer for the Chase Aeroplan Card is for up to 70,000 Aeroplan points, which are earned upon spending $3,000 (all figures in USD) in the first three months as a cardholder.

Plus, you’ll earn 40% bonus points on purchases for 40 days, on up to $40,000 spent, as long as you make your first purchase by August 31, 2024.

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While the total welcome bonus is lower than what we’ve seen in previous offers (for up to 100,000 points or Welcome Flight Reward Certificates), this offer combines an excellent welcome bonus with a reasonable minimum spending requirement, as well as the added 40% bonus points on all eligible purchases made for the first 40 days as a cardholder. 

With an annual fee of just $95, you’re essentially acquiring 70,000 Aeroplan points at a rate of 0.14 cents per point, which is outstanding.

ANA Business Class 4
Redeem 55,000 Aeroplan points for ANA business class from Vancouver or Seattle to Tokyo

You’ll also earn points through the regular category multipliers, earning 3 points per dollar spent on groceries, at restaurants (including takeout and eligible delivery services), and with Air Canada. As a Mastercard, you’ll also enjoy much wider acceptance than with American Express, which should aid you in easily meeting the minimum spending requirement.

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With the 40% bonus points on up to $40,000 in purchases for the first 40 days, those earning rates effectively become 4.2 Aeroplan points per dollar spent at grocery stores, restaurants, and Air Canada, as well as 1.4 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on all other purchases.

Furthermore, you’ll earn 500 bonus points for every $2,000 spent each calendar month, for up to 1,500 points per month on an ongoing basis.

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To make matters even better, the Chase Aeroplan Card doesn’t levy foreign transaction fees, making it a great card to bring with you when travelling. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to redeem the Aeroplan points you earn through the card on Aeroplan bookings. Last year, Chase introduced the “Pay Yourself Back” feature on the Chase Aeroplan Card.

If you choose to redeem points this way, you can get 1.25 cents per point applied as a statement credit towards any purchase that codes as travel.

You’re likely to get much better value by redeeming your points for premium cabin flights through Aeroplan; however, if these types of redemptions aren’t your cup of tea, at least you have another option available.

This offer is available from July 8–17, 2024, so be sure to apply before it expires to benefit from the elevated welcome bonus and 40% bonus points on purchases.

Chase Aeroplan Card: Spend Your Way to Elite Status

One of the best features on the Chase Aeroplan Card is that by spending $15,000 on the card in a calendar year, you’ll earn Aeroplan 25K status through the following year as part of the card’s ongoing benefits.

Aeroplan 25K status earns you up to 25 eUpgrade credits per year, allowing you to score instant upgrades from economy class to business class on Air Canada flights, if you play your cards right.

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Spend $15,000 on the Chase Aeroplan Card to secure 25 eUpgrade credits per year.

Furthermore, cardholders who spend $50,000 within one calendar year will earn a one-time status bump through the following year via the Elite Status Level Up benefit.

Combined with the $15,000 spending threshold for Aeroplan 25K, this means that spending $50,000 on the Chase Aeroplan Card is the only sure-fire way to earn at least Aeroplan 35K status year after year without necessarily having to fly. 

Furthermore, if you’re someone who tends to earn Aeroplan 75K status every year, but doesn’t quite reach the 20,000 Status Qualifying Dollar threshold to reach Super Elite, then the Elite Status Level Up benefit can bring you up to Super Elite without having to fulfill the regular requirements.

In fact, this is arguably the easiest and most accessible way to reach Air Canada’s top-tier status, since you can effectively do so by organically qualifying for Aeroplan 75K status and spending $50,000 on the Chase Aeroplan Card to unlock the Elite Status Level Up benefit.

Apply Now

The Chase Aeroplan Card is subject to Chase’s “5/24 rule”, which means that you’re unlikely to be approved if you’ve opened five or more US-issued credit cards over the past 24 months. 

If you’re a Canadian-based Aeroplan member and are interested in getting this card, refer to our guide to Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians. If you’re starting out now, it’ll likely be at least a year’s time before you’re eligible to get the Chase Aeroplan Card. 

Meanwhile, US-based Aeroplan members can apply directly via Chase to earn 70,000 Aeroplan points after meeting the minimum spending requirement, and enjoy 40% bonus points for the first 40 days as a cardholder. 

This offer is available from July 8–17, 2024.

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