Cohen signals Trump 'should be worried' about hush money case

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Michael Cohen, the ex-personal attorney of former President Trump, said his former boss “should be worried” about the prosecutors, witnesses and evidence that are coming his way after a judge set his hush money trial start date.

“He shouldn’t be worried about me. He should be worried about the Manhattan district attorney, the district attorney of New York prosecutors, he should be worried about the documentary evidence, he should be worried about all of the witnesses that are going to be coming into that trial simply because, as others have also appropriately put it, this is a simple case,” Cohen told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki on Monday.

 The judge in Trump’s hush money case held a hearing Monday, where his lawyers battled with the state over new documents turned over in the case. The trial was scheduled to begin Monday, but after the documents came to light, it was delayed.

The judge ultimately decided to not further delay the trial, setting the new start date for April 15. 

Cohen will testify in the case along with adult film star Stormy Daniels, despite Trump’s objections. Daniels said she was paid hush money by Cohen to stay quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. In a recent documentary, Daniels said she only took the money because she feared for her life.

Cohen wouldn’t divulge what he is likely going to speak about during his testimony, but expressed Monday his frustration with the new documents.

He said the Trump team is trying to attack his credibility and “figure out a way how to impugn again, my reputation for the sole purpose of either delaying this trial further or having it knocked off the calendar all together, which is just, you know, wishful thinking.”

Cohen hinted that his upcoming testimony will show wrongdoing on behalf of his former boss.

“This is a case based upon documentary evidence and corroborating testimony. You know, these documents don’t lie, and they point to a very specific picture, one of which of course, does not nor to the benefit of Donald Trump,” he said.

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