Color me electric: a nine-year-old designs a crayon-colored Mini wrap

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Perhaps one is never too young to help design the look of a car … with the help of a box of crayons.

Don’t tell nine-year-old Oliver Gorrod, who lives in Oxfordshire in England, that it can’t be done. Young Oliver has finished first in a contest sponsored by MINI Electric in the U.K. and crayon-maker Crayola to create an exterior color wrap for the EV that “champions nature.”

“I like the idea of all cars being electric, as they are better for the environment, animals and the planet. My car is designed as camouflage, so it blends into natural environments,” said the young man, who was among hundreds of entrants aged from four to 10 years from the U.K.

Oliver wins the honor of his design being featured as a vinyl wrap for a car (he only wins the wrap) and a bundle of Crayola art materials for himself and his school. Oliver will also get an invite to visit MINI Plant Oxford for a private tour.

“The creativity of the designs were fantastic,” said Federico Izzo, director for MINI UK & Ireland. “We are excited to bring Oliver’s design to life and hope he will continue to innovate and dream big in the future.”

Added Jade Childs of Crayola, “We are delighted to share Crayola art materials with Oliver and his class as part of the competition prize, and we hope they will continue to be inspired and express themselves as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream.”

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