Cowgirl, Italian, Princess, and More: A Hairstylist Says These 5 Bob Cuts Are About to Be Everywhere

News flash: Bobs are more popular than ever. Celebrities such as Megan Fox, Lily Collins, and Taylor Russell have recently cosigned the cropped cut. Cool fashion people have endorsed it too. But here’s the thing: A “bob” is a category, not a cut. Depending on length, texture, and volume, a bob can read as timeless or modern, polished or effortless, Old Hollywood inspired or Gen Z… You get it.

Jerome Lordet, hairstylist and owner of Jerome Lordet Salon in New York City, says five specific bob haircuts are trending for summer—cowgirl, princess, French, Italian, and micro bobs, to be specific. Each one differs slightly in style and aesthetic, yet they’re equally fresh and fashion-forward. Ready to see all five and the celebs and influencers who embrace them? Keep scrolling!

The Cowgirl Bob

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If your aesthetic is breezy, windswept, and effortlessly cool, the cowgirl bob is for you. “The cowgirl bob is a new nickname for a piecier, shaggier version of the classic French bob,” Lordet says. “It should fall about chin length and have layers toward the ends of the hair to make them fall when styled in an undone way, with slightly wispy bangs and layers toward the front. This has been a popular cut for my younger clients for a year or two now, and this is just a new name for it. It can be adapted to be flattering on lots of faces.”