Crochet Season Is Here: These Are the Best Dresses, Swimsuits, and Bags for Summer

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There are few things as synonymous with summer as BBQs, beach days, and 9 p.m. sunsets. In the fashion world, there’s one texture, in particular, that’s quintessentially summer, and that’s crochet. As soon as the temperatures rise, crochet starts bubbling up in your Instagram feed on the vacations of stylish people everywhere like clockwork. The knitted fabric adorns everything from dresses to bags to shoes in the summer months, adding a natural element to every outfit.

Woven pieces are well worth investing in, as they’ve transcended the trend label and officially achieved staple status. Knowing crochet is an element I’ll want to incorporate into my wardrobe every summer, I plan on investing in pieces that feel both modern and timeless to ensure their longevity. The summer ’24 collections are currently offering an overwhelming selection of chic crochet options, so I took it upon myself to curate the best pieces. Below are the 31 best crochet pieces for summer, from elevated maxi dresses to oversize carryalls and embroidered bikinis.


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