DNC rolls out ad campaign in swing state newspapers calling Trump 'a threat to our democracy'

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The Democratic National Committee rolled out a new ad campaign against former president Donald Trump in major swing state newspapers on Tuesday, labeling him as a “fraud,” “liar,” denier,” and “a threat to our democracy.”

The ad campaign, shared with The Hill, is set to run on the homepages of the Philadelphia Enquirer, the Arizona Republic, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution websites. 

The campaign highlights Trump’s deflection when asked multiple times during last week’s presidential debate whether he would accept the results of the 2024 election. The former president said he would accept the results “if it’s a fair and legal and good election absolutely.”

“In the years since he encouraged a violent mob to storm our Capitol in an attempt to overturn the will of American voters, he has only become more unhinged in his plot for revenge and retribution,” said DNC communications director Rosemary Boeglin. “This week, the DNC is reminding voters in critical battleground states that the only thing that stands between Donald Trump and our democracy is Joe Biden.”

The ad campaign comes less than a day after the Supreme Court ruled that presidents have absolute immunity for actions that fall within the core responsibilities of their office and are presumptively immune from all other official acts. The ruling is a win for Trump, who is using the presidential immunity argument as his defense in his federal election subversion case. Trump is charged in the case over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. 

Biden responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday evening, saying it sets a “dangerous precedent.” 

“For all practical purposes, today’s decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a president can do. It’s a fundamentally new principle,” Biden said. “It’s a dangerous precedent, because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law, even including the Supreme Court of the United States.”

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