Doug Emhoff predicts Chiefs 'likely' win Super Bowl over Harris favorite 49ers

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Doug Emhoff is predicting San Francisco 49ers mega-fan Vice President Harris will be none too pleased with the outcome of the Super Bowl on Sunday, saying the Kansas City Chiefs are “likely going to win” the big game.

“This is a big deal for her because this is her team,” the second gentleman said during a Tuesday interview on the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.”

“And it’s not just her — it’s her family, my family. So I’m kind of this lone L.A. guy in this sea of Niners fans. So for an L.A. guy to actively route for the Niners is going to be tough, but I’ll be watching with her,” Emhoff said of his plans for Super Bowl LVIII, when the 49ers are poised to take on the Chiefs in Las Vegas.

Emhoff, Los Angeles Rams supporter, said he and the VP will share a “traditional” spread on game day: “I’m hoping for nachos, and chili and chicken wings, was my request.”

As for Harris’s expected attire on Sunday, Emhoff said, “She will undoubtedly be in her Niners garb.”

But he’s not exactly optimistic about his wife’s team taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“I’m gonna give her space. I’m going to try to give her support. But, you know, I’m thinking [the Chiefs are] likely going to win,” Emhoff said.

“But I’m not going to tell her that, so we’re going to edit this out when she sees it,” the 59-year-old entertainment lawyer quipped.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Niners pull it out, but I’m saying [the Chiefs] in a very, very close one,” Emhoff said.

When “Good Morning Football” co-host Jamie Erdahl asked Emhoff if he’ll serve as an “emotionally supportive second gentleman of the United States” if Harris’s team can’t pull off a win, he replied with a laugh, “Always supporting her, no matter what.”

The vice president has appeared to be more confident in the NFC champions’ chances. Harris told WBAL-TV in a recent interview, “Go Niners. Done it before, can do it again. And I’m rooting for that.”

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