Elsa Hosk Keeps Wearing the Trend Fashion Girls Are Trading Hats For This Summer

While we all love hats, and baseball caps, beanies, and bucket hats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, there’s a new (well, returning) accessory trend that’s vying for headspace (pun intended), and Elsa Hosk, for one, is very much on board. Already this summer, Hosk has posted herself wearing headscarves no less than six times to her Instagram feed.

The elegant way in which people are styling headscarves now brings to mind that old Hollywood glamour that makes us all want to ride in a convertible with the top down wearing a flowing headscarf. Hosk has been pairing silky headscarves—both printed and neutrals—with many of her chic summer outfits, proving that there’s nothing this accessory trend doesn’t look good with (swimsuits included). Another bonus is that there are plenty of headscarves on the market at every price point, so ordering one to wear with your summer outfits would be a smart style move. Keep scrolling to do just that, and to get some outfit inspiration from Elsa Hosk herself.

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