Every Editor is Packing These Sandals for Their Summer Travels

Rarely—and I mean rarely—will you see me checking a bag at the airport. Maybe it’s the anxiety I feel about an airline losing my luggage, the eye rolls from my husband whenever I unpack a massive suitcase in our hotel room, or the secret thrill I get when I can just close the carry-on zipper, but whatever the reason, I’m a carry-on queen. So as you can imagine, I’m quite particular about packing. I’m an outfit repeater, and my shoe count is strictly limited. (If you know me, you know this is no easy feat.)

Dr. Martens is here to assist me with my packing challenges this spring and summer, and I’ve never been more thankful. The cult-favorite brand has come out with new sandals that are chic, neutral enough to go with everything in your closet, and most importantly, comfortable. So whether you’re dancing until midnight at a music festival or walking miles to see the sights in a new city, Dr. Martens has you covered. And my editor friends are already on the move in their Docs. Keep scrolling to see where they’re taking them this season.

dr martens sandals

“This summer, I’m heading across the globe to Madrid, Mallorca, Copenhagen, and Los Cabos. But I’m kicking off my warm-weather adventures on my home turf, Palm Springs, at the start of music-festival season. When I’m putting in thousands of steps a day, something sturdy and comfortable is the key to enjoying myself. I grew up adoring my Dr. Martens combat boots, but as my style matures, I’m drawn to the brand’s more understated shoes. These chocolate fisherman sandals go with anything in my closet, so as I prepared for one of the biggest music events of the season, this neutral shoe let me play with colors, textures, and accessories. My sparkly turquoise dress and silver accessories go shockingly well with the lived-in, cool-girl look of the Dr. Martens shoes. The suede footbed was super easy to break in, which is practically unheard of with this shoe style. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.” — Ana Escalante, Assistant Shopping Editor

dr martens sandals

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“I’m doing a lot of staycations around California with my friends and fiancé this season. We love exploring our neighborhoods, driving to Malibu, and road-tripping up north to Napa and Monterey. Packing a good pair of shoes is crucial and Dr. Martens’ shoes make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. For this look, I paired a black tank with a breezy, lightweight skirt and accessorized with a simple belt and my favorite Dr. Martens sandals. I love how the chunky style juxtaposes the sweet skirt. I would wear this outfit everywhere from an outdoor brunch to a day of sightseeing. I love an all-black summer look—it looks elevated but is so easy to pull together.” — Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Director

dr martens sandals

“Docs have always been a go-to in my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing Dr. Martens sandals for years because their comfort and easy-to-style nature make getting dressed and looking decent so seamless. Anyone who sees me regularly has probably seen me in a pair of Docs at some point for this very reason. This spring and summer, I’m off to Turkey, NYC, and a Southern California desert getaway with friends. (It is festival season!) I love to hit a range of destinations to feel like I’m making the most of this time of year. I wear a mix of the same kind of clothing all year long—adding or subtracting layers depending on the situation. I styled my Dr. Martens Laketen Mules with a cool plaid skirt, black bodysuit, and crocheted bolero, and I threw in some silver jewelry to tie the look together. Just like the shoes, the pieces I chose are perfect for a range of activities. I love how the Laketen Mules go so well with my existing wardrobe. The style is so me.” — ChiChi Offor, Associate Shopping Editor

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