From Flats to Boots, These Are the 8 Best Shoes to Wear With Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers have been the breakout wardrobe must-have of the last year, and they’re showing no signs of dropping off our radar this autumn. Between fashion month, where tailoring outnumbered pretty dresses two to one, and the revival of leather trousers for the cool weather, trousers are everywhere I look. Even I, a former midi-dress devotee, have fallen for the polished wardrobe staple like never before. However, wide-leg trousers can take some getting used to in terms of styling, which is why I’ve been looking at the best trouser-and-shoe pairings to try for the season ahead.

As I mentioned, wide-leg trousers previously eluded me, as they always seemed to be a particularly difficult item to pair with footwear. Evidently, I’m not alone, as we’ve recently seen an increase in searches of the phrase “shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers.”

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