I Know You’re Stylish If You’re Wearing These Trending Sandals Over Other Flat Shoes

With a keen eye for tracking down the latest summer trends, I couldn’t help but pay attention when I noticed that a large portion of the style set has levelled up their sandals game with a surprising new trend this summer.

Where flat shoes such as ballet flats and mules have dominated for so long, now fashion people are switching things up by stepping into the toe ring sandal trend with enthusiasm as temperatures continue to rise. Such sandals feature an extra strap detail that loops around the big toe, somewhat highlighting it in the process. This is a detail I imagine will divid those of you reading this into two camps—those who love it and those who would rather not draw attention to that specific part of their body. Either way, there’s no denying it’s prevalence, as toe-ring sandsals are everywhere I look right now.

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Occasionally adorned with a metal embellishment that resembles an actual toe ring, the growing shoe trend also comes in more minimal styles that instead feature a slim leather strip that hugs around the toe, while others boast chunkier straps that see the majority of the foot enclosed in leather.

Adding an extra level of security to your stride, it’s no surprise that the trend has been embraced by those jetting off on holiday, too. My colleague, deputy editor Maxine Eggenberger, just invested in a pair of toe-ring sandals for her upcoming trip to Rome, telling me she was keen for any extra support as she’s anticipating clocking up a high step count.

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A true breakout shoe style of summer 2024, the toe-ring sandal trend is catching on quickly. Read on to discover our edit of the best on the market.