I Went on a Wellness Trip in Mexico With ALO—Here's Everything I Wore and Did

Just as summer officially kicked off, I hopped on a plane in New York City to head to Cabo San Lucas on the coast Mexico, bound for a wellness retreat with Alo Moves at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. The itinerary for the long weekend brought the Alo Moves fitness and mindfulness classes to an IRL setting, blended with ways to experience local food and special cultural experiences from the area.

My schedule included everything from yoga under a palapa on the beach and a soothing sound bath to a local cacao ceremony and a private Reiki session. I also test-drove activewear pieces from ALO during the classes to see how they performed in the sessions, including a tank top that is so good I now want to order it in an array of colors. Ahead, take a closer look at everything I wore and did on the wellness retreat.

Activewear Test-Drive

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Before I even left for the trip, I tried on some of the activewear pieces from ALO. This look—including a seamless white tank top and black leggings—was a standout for its blend of comfort and function. The tank top, in particular, is a new workout favorite that I love so much that I have more colorways sitting in my shopping cart right now. The silhouette is timeless, and the fabric is stretchy yet holds its shape.

Day 1 of the Wellness Retreat

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The first day of the wellness retreat began with a morning yoga class taught by Ashley Galvin. It was set at an open-air palapa on the beach with the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline within earshot and the smell of salt water in the air.

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The class was a blend of fast-paced vinyasa flows and deep stretches.

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I wore a fog-gray bra top paired with high-waisted black leggings. The bra top had excellent support, making it a great piece for yoga, but it was also perfect for the higher-intensity sculpt workout with Meghan Campion that followed.

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There were breaks throughout the day, so I was able to explore the beautiful hotel property.