ICYWW—Here's What 3 Beauty Editors Carry In Their Work Bags 24/7

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There are some things I came across on social media that will always call back to the golden era of Youtube beauty content creation. I regularly took in video vanity tours (featuring that one Ikea drawer set every makeup guru used for her products), day in the life vlogs, and shopping hauls, but nothing came close to my adoration for what’s in my bag videos.

I remember paying special attention the packaging of their favorite lip balms, hand creams, and rollerball perfumes in hopes of one day having an equally impression collection of products to tuck into a handbag. Now, as a Beauty Editor, I too have countless products to love and a continued fascination in how my fellow beauty enthusiasts pick and choose what will make it out the door with them. If the eyes are considered the window to the soul, I definitely believe a beauty girls’ bag is a close second.