I'm Calling It: These Cool ‘90s Hairstyles Will Make a Big Comeback This Summer

From brown lip liners to pedal pushers there is no denying that the ‘90s is having a major resurgence in 2024, and its influence is undeniable in the dominating beauty and fashion trends. And nowhere is it more evident than in the coolest emerging hairstyles for summer.

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“The way the ‘90s has been affecting trends is huge when it comes to hair,” agrees Paul Percival, stylist and Percy & Reed brand founder. “The biggest influences are the fact that everything is a bit more undone—it’s all about making it look like you didn’t make an effort. Think of the CK One adverts with Kate Moss…you want to make it look like you just woke up and have a really cool kink in your hair.”

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Percival predicts that the bob will be one of the biggest ‘90s-inspired summer hairstyles of the season. “It’s by far the most dominating haircut of the summer, but the ‘90s bob is very much lacking in volume,” Percival explains. “You’re trying to create just a little bit of movement as if you tucked your hair behind your ear or you slept on it, rather than [the bob] looking blow-dried or overly done.” And keeping things easy-breezy, heatless waves and “lived-in” hairstyles like low buns with loose strands around the face will prove popular for their low-maintenance nature.

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Ahead, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best ‘90s summer hairstyles that couldn’t be easier to recreate at home—and the products to help you style them.

1. French Bob

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The chic French bob will be the biggest ’90s summer hairstyle of the season thanks to its effortless nature—and Hailey Bieber is the queen of this low-maintenance style. “It is the most versatile cut,” explains Percival. “This one is more razored so it’s a little thinner towards the ends and has more movement.”

Get the look:

2. High Ponytail

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A ’90s classic, as demonstrated by a playful Naomi Campbell, the high ponytail is perfect for summer because it’s practical (no strands of hair getting stuck to the back of a sweaty neck) and looks impressive despite being so easy to do.

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Laura Harrier’s cute flipped-out ends lend the style a preppy finishing touch which is perfect for the summer months.