Ineos Grenadier Detour is the first special-edition SUV from the brand

Any Ineos Grenadier right now is a pretty unique and special thing, but what if it could be more unique and special? That’s what the new Ineos Grenadier Detour is meant to answer. It’s the first special-edition SUV from the brand, and it’s also the first product from its also-new division called Arcane Works. It will be fulfilling the same purpose as other brands’ specialty divisions, like Aston Martin’s Q, in that it will provide low-production and custom products to buyers.

The Detour is a somewhat modest step into this custom world. Nothing major changes mechanically with the exception of a new stainless steel exhaust system meant to give the SUV a meaner sound. All the other touches are aesthetic. There are four exclusive paint colors on offer for no extra cost: a red-orange, an olive green, a blue and a silver. But for a little extra, buyers can have a completely custom hue on their Detour. The grille and headlight surrounds are unique to the Detour, there are some silver accents sprinkled about, the turn signals and taillights have clear lenses, and the whole thing sits on exclusive 18-inch forged wheels. Customers also get the choice of either gray or white for the skid plates, roof rails and ladder, and that continues to the interior with the same choice for interior trim panels. And again, for a little extra, Ineos offers dark grey wheels, black-finished exhaust and custom powder coating for the roof rails. The latter feature is available in a selection of colors that match the offered exterior colors. 

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Besides the gray or white trim panels, the interior gets four quilted leather upholstery options in blue, tan, white or black. The headliner is finished in one of two cashmere hues (light or dark grey). Ineos also includes machined metal knobs for the infotainment controller and transfer case shifter. Naturally, there are opportunities for a bit more customization, too, with available embroidery on the seat backs and customizable aluminum sill plates.

There’s no pricing for the Ineos Grenadier Detour, but that might not be the biggest obstacle to obtaining one. Only 200 Detours will be built, and that appears to be worldwide. So if you want one, visit the Ineos Grenadier website or your local retailer to submit your interest in ordering one.

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