Italian Beauty Is Having a Major Moment—My Favorite Products That Scream Bellissima

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With its timeless charm and unparalleled elegance, Italian beauty has emerged as one of the internet’s biggest fixations when it comes to beauty inspiration. From the shores of the Amalfi Coast to the vistas of Tuscany, Italy captivates with its diverse cultural richness and the effortless style and influence of its people.

“Italy is the biggest global producer of cosmetic products,” states Italian beauty expert Jenna Curcio, who heads up marketing and press for Espressoh, one of our favorite brands from the country. “U.S. brands often want their makeup products produced in Italy because the ‘Made in Italy’ label is extremely sought-after due to its association with quality.” We asked her why this part of the world’s mark on beauty is so significant. “Italian beauty can be defined pretty succinctly: It’s simple yet bold,” Curcio answers. “Italians love to keep their everyday routine pretty basic, but they’ll add a touch of creativity or boldness. Whether that’s through a red lipstick or a fun eye shadow or highlighter, they tend to focus on one area at a time. Their base routine is usually kept very simple. Although, this differs from region to region.”

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