I've Been a Dermatologist for Over 40 Years—18 Products I Trust to Use on My Own Skin

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There’s no one more qualified to talk about skincare than a dermatologist. When that dermatologist has been practicing for over 40 years, well, you know you’re getting the most elite and experienced advice. That’s the case with board-certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD. You might know her by another moniker—one that comes from the name of her skincare brand: Dr. Loretta.

“I am passionate about helping others have true self-confidence,” she says. “To do this, I set out to fill a gap in the skincare market. There wasn’t a brand that focused on protecting skin from the whole spectrum of causes of some of the preventable aging changes. We dermatologists coined the term ‘photoaging’ to describe how it is generally just the skin that is not covered by clothing that shows the unwanted signs of aging including lines and wrinkles, age spots (solar [lentigines]) redness, coarse texture, and the like. I recognized that we needed to update the term ‘photoaging’ to encompass all damaging external exposures that cause unwanted aging changes in areas of uncovered skin like our faces, neck, hands, and chest. As a 71-year-old dermatologist with a nearly 50-year research background, I felt I needed to fill a huge void in the market with clinically proven products that can both prevent and often reverse unwanted skin aging changes caused by the whole spectrum of external aggressors including pollution, light (from the sun and our screens), climate conditions, and irritating ingredients.”

Thus, the Dr. Loretta skincare brand was born. And, yes, Ciraldo personally believes in (and uses) the products she’s created. “As a practicing, board-certified dermatologist of 40+ years, I rely much more on my skincare than procedures to stay youthful. Everyone has a different aesthetic goal, and mine is to look like myself as I age! My commitment to my skincare routine, which has included only products I’ve formulated since I turned 40—a full 30 years now—is probably the number one reason I feel so confident and fortunate as I age! When it comes to procedures, I do use filler about once a year. I have never had any laser, facelift, or other procedures done.”

Dr. Loretta Ciraldo

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Even though Ciraldo’s skincare routine is effective, it’s surprisingly simple, and she recommends the same for her patients. “In the morning, I recommend a cleanser, a vitamin C serum, a barrier repair moisturizer, and sunscreen with at least SPF 30, up to 50.” At night, she recommends swapping the vitamin C serum for a retinol or exfoliating serum. “Once or twice a week, I recommend a physical and/or enzyme scrub.” That’s it—no 20-step skincare routines here.

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