I’ve labeled everything in my kitchen with this handy label maker

I like to be organized, sure. I often wish I had one of the gorgeous rainbow pantries from the Home Edit. (I do not). But I never thought I’d be a label maker owner—until I bought one on a whim. And now, I can’t go back to life without kitchen labels. (Did I ever think I’d write that sentence? Nope.)

Yes, I could always visually tell the difference between the flour, sugar, oats and rice-filled Weck jars on my pantry shelf, but having them clearly labeled is just so satisfying. Aside from the organizational perks, this Bluetooth thermal label maker helps make my larder look more considered and cohesive, and it’s super simple to use. I’ve since started decanting nearly all of the dry goods that cross our threshold, from pasta to lentils to baking powder, and promptly labeling everything with a few quick taps on the corresponding app. I’m even moving beyond the pantry: I labeled our puppy’s food and water bowls just yesterday. I added a cute dog icon to each. It couldn’t be easier! It’s a tiny thrill—for under $30. 

The Phomemo D30 Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker is about the size of my phone, just considerably thicker. It’s rechargeable and I found it connected easily with my iPhone once I installed the related app. It comes with one roll of labels, but you might want to order extras right away so you won’t run out when you inevitably embark on a label-printing spree. I haven’t had to charge the device yet, as it arrived with a full charge, but it uses a standard USB. There’s a black circular screen on the device that hilariously serves no purpose, but the device is powered up and ready to use when you see the small light on the front glow green. It easily tucks into a drawer when you’re not using it.

I have never had a problem loading the labels into the machine or removing them from the paper backing, but some reviewers complain about that. The labels wash up well when hand-washing the containers, but, fair warning: don’t put them through the dishwasher. That means these types of labels aren’t ideal for things like kids’ lunchboxes, water bottles and snack containers that see a lot of heavy dishwasher action. But they’re definitely ideal for other types of food storage containers—you can take my word for it.

D30 Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker



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