I've Tried Practically Every Tool and Product for *Perfect* Curls—These Deliver

There are *very* few things on the planet that can boost my confidence like a fresh blowout. You know the feeling. That fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling, I wish I could bottle it. I’m particular when it comes to my blowouts. When greeted at the salon with the inevitable “What are we going for today?” I usually respond with “Victoria’s Secret angel hair” or “‘90s supermodel curls.” Two classic blowout references that never steer me wrong. While I am loyal to my Brooklyn-based hairstylist, Bri, she was out of town and I had a trip to Miami coming up, so I desperately needed a blowout. 

Luckily for me, one of my favorite skincare brands Augustinus Bader had just expanded into hair care and offered to let me test drive the new products with fresh blowouts. It’s like the hairgods heard my prayers. While I was a little apprehensive since I rarely let anyone besides Bri touch my hair (she’s that good) I was in more than good hands with the hairstylist. Augustinus Bader had set me up with, you can see the blowout results below.

curled gif

After an Augustinus Bader blow out

Now, let’s be real. More often than not we can’t run to an Augustinus Bader blowout every time we need a hair refresh (although how awesome would that be?). Sometimes we have to take our blowouts into our own hands. I’m no stranger to the at-home blowout game, and I have to say after years of trial and error. Trying to get the perfect bouncy blowout out of the salon can be tough, but after playing with so many products throughout the years I have to say, I’ve kind of got it down. Instead of sitting on all of this hair knowledge I thought who better to share it with than you?

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