I've Worked It Out—These Are the 3 Chic Pedicure Colours French Women Always Wear

I’m sure you all know by now that I have a big interest in European nail trends, and to me, no one does a chic manicure quite like the French. From classic red colours to timeless neutral shades, it’s no secret that French women always have the most elegant of nails. However, now that summer is in full swing and my sandals are finally out of hibernation, I’ve been thinking a lot about what pedicure colours to go for. Of course, it was only right that I did a little research into what pedicure shades will be all over the streets of Paris this season in order to help make my decision a little bit easier.

After spending hours looking through the Instagram accounts of some of my favourite French influencers, I quickly discovered that most people are choosing one of three chic shades to wear on their toes this summer. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that each of these shades are incredibly timeless, and I already know which one I will be choosing for my upcoming holiday. If you’re also in need of a little nail inspiration, then I highly recommend that you keep on scrolling to find out which pedicures shades come French-girl approved this season…

3 French Girl Pedicure Colours to Wear This Summer

1. Classic Red

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First up is a classic red shade. Just like a trusty red lipstick, you really can’t go wrong with this pedicure colour.

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In my opinion, it’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your look while still keeping your pedicure as chic as possible.

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It looks especially chic when paired with a matching red mani.

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It pairs beautifully with neutral tones as you can see here.

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2. Glossy Black

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Next up is black. It’s no secret that French women opt for more timeless nail shades, and it really doesn’t get more timeless than this.