JFK grandson named Vogue political correspondent

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Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of former President Kennedy, has joined Vogue as a political correspondent ahead of the 2024 election, the magazine announced Wednesday.

Schlossberg, the 31-year-old son of U.S. Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy, told the magazine he believes the stakes of the 2024 election are “very high” and that he is worried about the implications of former President Trump being reelected to the office.

“It’s going to be a lot more work for younger people in the long run to have to clean that up than it is to show up and vote one day out of the year,” he said in an interview released by Vogue on Wednesday. “I really am focused on creating a positive outcome where the good guys win. It’s going to be more complicated than that, but I’m still optimistic. Things don’t have to get way worse.”

As a political correspondent, Schlossberg will combine his background in law and business, having received a JD and MBA from Harvard, Vogue said.

Schlossberg told Vogue his grandfather is his “hero,” and that he believes his administration laid out how progressivism could work in the United States.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve become more involved in the official obligations that come with being part of my family. I’ve met a lot of politicians and become all the more optimistic about our future by doing that work,” he said.

Schlossberg made headlines last year for his public criticism of his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential run, and subsequent endorsement of President Biden’s reelection bid.

“These are the issues that matter. And if my cousin, Bobby Kennedy Jr., cared about any of them, he would support Joe Biden, too,” Schlossberg said last year, of his family member, an environmental lawyer and vaccine skeptic.

Schlossberg has amassed a following on the social media platform TikTok, where he posts discussions about politics and comedic sketches.

When asked why he thinks his videos resonate with online viewers, he told Vogue, “I try to say things that I think are important. People can tell when people are being authentic and don’t have any other agenda.”

“I think very deeply and critically about what I want to say. This election year is so important to me, and that’s why I’ve been trying to be out there more,” he added. “This is a really pivotal moment in history, and it’s such an exciting time to be alive and to be able to vote. I want to get that vibe out there because there’s a lot of negative energy about politics, and I want to bring some positivity out there because this really matters.”

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