MG Cyber GTS concept is a gorgeous coupe version of the electric convertible

The MG Cyberster is adding a roof at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Yes, in exciting news, the MG Cyber GTS Concept just debuted at the hill climb event, and it sure does look good.

Though it’s just a concept for now, this coupe version of the Cyberster convertible looks like it could be put into production tomorrow. It retains much of the drop-top’s styling, but gracefully adds a roof. It’s arguably even prettier than the convertible. Plus, it adds a touch of utility by implementing a rear seat for a 2+2 layout instead of the convertible’s two-seat-only setup. We suspect the cargo room will be even more useful than the roadster, too.


As for the powertrain, it stands to reason that MG would offer similar single- and dual-motor versions as it does in the convertible should the Cyber GTS make it to production – as a reminder, the Cyberster is all-electric. We’ll be able to see just how quick it is, too, as MG is sending the concept up the hill at Goodwood.

Any additional details or specifics will need to wait for now, as MG simply revealed this concept without diving much deeper into specs or future expectations. MG still isn’t selling in the U.S., but this sweet green concept is making us a bit green with envy.

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