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Moms are sharing the relatable ‘no dad dinners’ they make when their partners aren’t home

Is there anything that matches the rush of instant relief you get when you’re just starting to make dinner for the family, and your partner texts you that he’s working late or going out with friends, so he won’t be eating at home? In a viral TikTok trend, moms are sharing their incredibly relatable “no dad dinners” that they make in this exact scenario, and it’s everything.

The trend seems to have started with @cailinaomi (though, like most TikTok trends, that’s tough to verify for sure). She made a 15-second video that showed her with a cutting board full of fresh veggies, getting ready to open a pack of raw chicken breasts. The text on the screen reads, “When your husband texts you he won’t be home for dinner, so you start getting the ‘no-dad dinner’ ready.”

@cailinaomi Great news. Cereal could now even be on the menu, how exciting #wivesbelike #iykyk #husbandsbelike @cailinaomi ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

With that, she shoves the veggies to the side and pulls out a bag of frozen chicken nuggets and some fruit from the fridge, because that’s a balanced enough meal and you know the kids will be thrilled. 

“Great news,” the video’s caption reads. “Cereal could even be on the menu, how exciting.”

How exciting indeed.

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This video trend is obviously incredibly relatable, and moms all over TikTok have taken the inspiration from it and made their own versions.

In @maverickmother‘s video, she got the text that her partner wasn’t coming home, shoved her healthy ingredients away, and pulled out cereal containers and a glass of wine.

@maverickmother Music to my ears 🤣 #Maverickmother #wifebelike #comedy #momcomedy #momedy #mumsoftiktok #momsoftiktok ♬ Call Me Irresponsible – 2001 Remaster – Bobby Darin

And in the comments, more moms shared their own ideas of “no-dad dinner.”

“We call it a picnic tea. Basically translates as ‘help yourself in the fridge cos I cant be bothered,” one user wrote.

Another added, “No dad dinner’ over here is tortilla pizza (flour tortillas, formato sauce with Italian seasoning, any type of shredded cheese, pepperoni. Bake).”

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Yep, that’s definitely happened in this house.

Another commenter wrote, “Ok moms, Why do we do this?! When the hubby goes out of town out come the paper plates and bowls along with the Kraft Mac n cheese.”

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Um, because Kraft Mac and Cheese is delicious and easy to make? Why else?

And this mom shared her no-dad dinner, which we’re totally going to steal: “My son and I eat on the couch and share a random charcuterie board. We love it lol.”

Bon appetite.

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