Nadya Tolonnikova Headlines American Folk Art Museum Benefit Event

The American Folk Art Museum proudly announces an electrifying benefit event headlined by Nadya Tolokonnikova, the iconic artist and activist behind the renowned feminist protest art collective Pussy Riot. The event, slated for May 16 at the Society for Ethical Culture in New York City, will not only showcase Tolokonnikova’s recent artworks in a pop-up exhibition but also feature a captivating Q&A session about her practice, followed by a Noise music performance.

Tolokonnikova’s journey has been marked by fearless activism and artistic brilliance. Known globally for her role in creating Pussy Riot, she has become a symbol of resistance against oppressive regimes and an advocate for social justice. Her activism has resonated with hundreds of thousands worldwide, earning her a place among the most influential figures of contemporary protest art. 

Despite facing persecution, Tolokonnikova remains unwavering in her commitment to art as a tool for societal change. Her thought-provoking installations have challenged conventions and sparked crucial conversations on political dissent, artistic freedom, and human rights. 

The event promises an evening of inspiration and empowerment. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Tolokonnikova’s visionary artistry, delve into the motivations behind her work during the Q&A session, and experience the raw energy of Pussy Riot’s performance firsthand.

“The new art series I’m presenting with The Folk Art Museum is named Dark Matter, it’s mystical and cryptic, and encapsulates both my hope and my pain. Politically and culturally, we’re entering the new dark ages, but I believe that better times will come — I believe, because it is absurd. It’s an honor to support The Folk Art Museum — as a self-taught artist, I value their dedication to those who’d be dismissed as outsiders by many.”

Nadya Tolonnikova

Patron Tickets include prime seating for one guest, an exclusive cocktail hour before the performance, a viewing of Tolokonnikova’s recent artworks in a pop-up exhibition, an artist meet and greet, a limited edition Pussy Riot balaclava, and a signed copy of Read and Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism.

A Friend Ticket offers orchestra seating for one guest and a limited edition balaclava created by Tolokonnikova. General admission tickets include the Q&A and concert performance. 

All proceeds will support the American Folk Art Museum’s mission to champion the work of folk and self-taught artists.

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