Nissan reveals four sedan and SUV concept cars at Beijing Auto Show

Nissan just took the wraps off four different concept cars at the Beijing Auto Show, two of them being sedans, and the other two being SUVs. The four cars preview the design and styling of models Nissan is tailoring for the Chinese market, though we wouldn’t be too surprised to see elements of these concepts influence the design of Nissan vehicles sold elsewhere, too.

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Nissan Epoch Concept

The first car Nissan revealed is the Epoch Concept, which is an electric sedan. Just like the rest of the cars here, details are thin. However, Nissan says that it pictures this Epoch Concept as a car for “suburban go-getters.” It features an AI-powered virtual personal assistant that Nissan says can recognize human emotions and respond to them. If we had to take a guess at its size, we’d peg it as Sentra-like in its proportions. The lighting stands out as a big element of its rather rounded-off design. It has a glass roof, intriguing wheel styling and flush door handles to enhance its aerodynamics.

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Nissan Epic Concept

The Epic Concept is the second and last of these four that is fully electric. Nissan says it’s designed for “adventurous city couples who explore on weekends.” It houses a big suite of sensors and driving tech that Nissan says makes it autonomous for both city and highway driving. When you get to the campsite, Nissan says the car can function as a power source to power your various camping items. Again, lighting plays a major role in this concept’s design, as wild-looking LED strips are all over both the front and rear of the SUV. It has chunky fenders that hint at some light off-roading capabilities, and the tall rear end suggests it can carry plenty of gear for a couple people to take a long weekend camping trip. Its interior is living room-like with white seats and screens galore. There’s even a cute little dog that appears on the passenger-side screen, which would be one awesome personal assistant. Anyone riding in the back will enjoy a flat floor and some lovely lumbar cushions to stay comfy on long journeys.

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Nissan Era Concept

Now we transition from fully-electric concepts to plug-in hybrids, as the Era Concept is a PHEV. Nissan says it’s meant for the young businessperson who treats their car as a second home. It features an E-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system alongside active air suspension to make those longer journeys more comfortable. Plus, Nissan says it’s equipped with the company’s extra-comfy Zero-Gravity seats. Its exterior design is mighty similar to the Epic Concept, though there are some tweaks here and there that differentiate the two such as raised roof rails, lighting changes and much more serious off-road tires on the Era. Good luck telling the interiors apart aside from the ambient lighting within.

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Nissan Evo Concept

The last concept of the day is a sedan called the Evo Concept, and it’s also a plug-in hybrid. Unlike the SUVs that shared much of their design, this sedan doesn’t look like a carbon copy of the Epoch Concept. Nissan says it’s an ideal weekend getaway car for the family, though it doesn’t look particularly capacious to store lots of people and their luggage. One similarity between it and the Epoch is its AI virtual assistant. The Evo’s interior is simplistic with just a pair of screens and very few buttons, but it does feel light and airy in its design. Its exterior is the sportiest looking of them all here, too. It has a slick sportback design, and angular front with sharp creases aplenty. If this had an Altima badge on it, we wouldn’t be disappointed.

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