No Really—These Are the Best 5 Finds From the Nordstrom Sale

Anna Laplaca wearing Tory Burch gold-detail black flip flops on vacation.

Nordstrom sales, albeit very much so celebrated over here at Who What Wear, can be more than a little bit overwhelming. More often than not, there are thousands of marked-down items involved, with some undoubtedly deserving more attention than others. Finding those standout items is where the trouble comes in, or at least, that’s how some people might look at it. Fortunately for anyone who feels that way but still wants to score a great deal, I think about sales a bit differently. For me, digging through page after page of discounted products in order to pick out the gems is what makes sale season so fun. It’s like a game—one that, after six years as a fashion editor and 28 as an avid Nordstrom shopper, I’m more than prepared to play.

That is how I ended up spending my Friday morning diving head first into Nordstrom’s spring sale, which houses over 18,000 red-marked women’s items, from clothing and shoes to jewelry and handbags. And now that I’ve seen every last one, I am certain that the five hand-selected pieces below are by far the most worthy of your hard-earned dollars. There’s cashmere, a perfect spring sundress, and jeans that you could easily own for the rest of your life (trust me, I just got the same pair and have already worn them twice this week). The best part? You don’t need to wade through even a single product-packed shopping page. Everything you could possibly desire from the retailer’s big sale is wrapped up in an easy-to-shop package below.

Shop the top 5 finds from Nordstrom’s spring sale:

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