No Summer Outfit Is Complete Without Sunglasses—These Styles Always Earn Me Compliments

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Styling an outfit is not just about putting together a few items to wear—it’s about creating a cohesive look that tells a story. Every detail matters, from the choice of fabric to the way pieces are layered. Accessories, in particular, are the final touch that brings a look together. They add personality and flair, transforming an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. This season, one accessory has been my go-to: sunglasses.

Sunglasses can make or break an entire look. They’re not just for sunny days—they’re a year-round staple that can add a fun or sophisticated element to an outfit. In London, where we see rain more often than sun, sunglasses might seem like an odd choice. But for me, they’re essential. Whether I’m hiding tired eyes or adding an edge to my outfit, sunglasses are my secret weapon. They’re the one accessory I never leave the house without—and the one I get the most complimented on.

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Different pairs of sunglasses offer endless possibilities for styling. Whether I’m wearing bold, oversized frames or a sleek, minimalist pair, my sunglasses can transform my look. I love experimenting with different shapes and colours, matching them with my outfits to create a harmonious yet striking appearance. It’s fascinating how a simple accessory can change the vibe of an entire ensemble, making it more polished or playful, depending on the occasion. But let’s face it: The market isn’t lacking in the sunglasses department. Everywhere I look, there’s a new style, so finding a pair that works for me and my wardrobe can be difficult.

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