People Always Compliment My Outfit When I Wear This Anti-Trend Accessory—6 Styles I Love for 2024

For those of us living in the UK—or anywhere prone to cloudy skies—sunglasses mark something very special: the appearance of sun! There’s a tangible joy in leaving the house with oversized sunnies on, a basket bag in hand and a pep in your step knowing brighter days have finally arrived.

We’ve just about reached this point in the year (ignoring the occasional shower and gale-force wind), and sunglasses have once again become a fixture of our handbags. Naturally, a few of us will pull out last year’s pair only to be met with scratches and a crooked frame, at which point we’ll search the internet for an intact replacement.


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If that’s you, I’m here to clue you in on the SS24’s biggest sunglasses trends so you can start your search on the right note. Generally, designers this season are taking cues from archival silhouettes and retro classics, presenting shades which could have been passed down from a stylish grandparent. In the mix, there’s also a smattering of statement designs with coloured frames and chunky gold accents. Take a look below at the key contenders for the most-worn sunglasses of 2024.

1. Cat-Eye Silhouettes

Sunglasses trends 2024:

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Style Notes: After techwear took over 2023’s sunglasses trends, the fashion world has made a confident return to classic alternatives for 2024—and it doesn’t get more classic than a cat-eye frame.

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2. Tortoiseshell Sunnies

Sunglasses trends 2024

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Style Notes: While tortoiseshell consistently wafts in and out of the trend spotlight, it’s never considered ‘outdated’. If you’re looking to invest in a new pair that will stand the test of time, this is a smart choice.

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3. Coloured Shades

Sunglasses trends 2024: coloured frames

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Style Notes: The trend around colourful frames and tinted lenses emerged last year, but it’s set to be just as prevalent in 2024. Red will no doubt be a frontrunner, tapping into wider colour trends this spring/summer.

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4. Wired Frames

Sunglasses trends 2024: wire frames

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Style Notes: A daintier option than acetate sunnies, wire and metal-framed glasses are perfect for the magpies among us. Match your shades to your jewellery tone or mix up your silvers and golds.