Poland’s foreign minister says Putin should fear a war with NATO


In a speech Thursday, Poland’s Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski said Russian President Vladimir Putin should fear a war with NATO as it would inevitably end in Russia’s defeat.

“It is not we, the West, who should fear a clash with Putin, but the other way around,” Sikorski said in a translated speech to the Sejm, the lower house of parliament, first reported by Politico. “It is worth reminding about this, not to increase the sense of threat in the Russians, because NATO is a defensive pact, but to show that an attack by Russia on any of the members of the Alliance would end in [Russia’s] inevitable defeat.”

As the war in Ukraine continues, Western allies worry that Russia will turn its attention to NATO countries after Ukraine. Former President Mike Pence warned that Putin would target a NATO nation should it win its war with Kyiv.

The United States Congress just passed a badly needed foreign aid package that would give Ukraine $61 billion to continue its battle. Sikorski said Polish companies should play a role in helping rebuild the Ukrainian economy and Russia should answer for the damage its caused.

Sikorski said in his address, focused on the country’s foreign policy, that Russia’s military and economy pales in comparison to that of Western allies.

“Putin’s only hope is our lack of determination,” he said, emphasizing NATO’s combined resources and capabilities are much more than Russia’s.

He also noted that Poland remains committed to helping Ukraine join the European Union, despite fears about its membership. Sikorski said “we remember that in 2004, similar fears were raised by the decision to admit Poland,” in comments highlighted by the Polish News Agency.

The foreign minister highlighted Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s vision for the future, while criticizing the former government’s “wrong decisions” that led to a loss of credibility and prestige. His comments appear to highlight the country’s desire to reestablish itself as a reliable partner as the war continues.

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