Seoul Fashion Week Just Defined What Cool Will Look Like Next Spring

Move over, Paris. There’s a new fashion capital in town that feels like a breath of fresh air. Of course, I’m talking about Seoul, South Korea.

In an industry where more and more people are finding themselves feeling excluded or dismayed by major runway players, Seoul Fashion Week challenged the system. With 30 home-grown designers showing on the calendar this year, the week-long fashion showcase and trade show felt more akin to a community rather than a redundant display of clothing—something this editor feels has gone on for way too long in major cities. 

This year, Seoul Fashion Week didn’t just feel like a step in a new sartorial direction, but rather, it felt like a bubbling case study in the new wonders of a modern fashion world. Over the last months, Seoul Fashion Week (held September 5 to September 9 for the Spring/Summer 2024 season) has made incremental progress to be taken seriously as the next fashion capital: the appointment of It girl ambassadors New Jeans and the move towards an earlier time-frame have made the Seoul Metropolitan Government—the agency who puts on the festivities— a major player in the fashion landscape.

For a city promising to lead the charge on turning the fashion industry on its head, it’s only fair and just to examine the trends these up-and-coming designers expect will dominate 2024. Below, browse all the stunning runway trends from Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024, including a few fan-favorite looks that have already made their way over to New York.

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