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Shania Twain is not afraid to talk about aging, the “bra-less factor”, and posing nude

Shania Twain spoke out about aging and modeling nude in a TalkShopLive interview on Monday.

Country superstar claims she feels more at ease now than when she was a teenager.

Twain, who is 57 years old, said that “my truth as I age, and I wish this truth was there when I was younger”, Twain told TalkShopLive. I was very insecure when younger. For example, I was one of those teens who would not wear a bikini to the beach. It was something I did not do when I was younger so I am going to try it now. I will show and feel that I am comfortable in my skin.”

Twain shows just how confident and self-assured she is by revealing that she was nude during a recent photo shoot.

Twain explained, “So what did I do? I did a photo shoot naked with only mud.” In that photo, I took my shirt off. Trust me, it was brave because I’m not an exhibitionist. It was about me. It was as simple as saying, “You know, it’s time to feel comfortable in myself and share that feeling with others and just let those insecurities go, and shed that skin of insecurity.”

Twain said that her album, “Queen of Me,” was inspired by being at ease with herself.

“Repeating the message was the first step. It was just saying, “OK, I’m okay with how I look, I am fine aging, and I’m comfortable with me.” This was the last step in saying “I can’t just say that.” It’s not enough to say it. She added, “I have to live it.”

Grammy-winning singer, Jennifer Lopez, even went topless to cover her latest single “Waking Up Dreaming.”

Fans can also expect the “bra-less” effect to be fully evident on her forthcoming album cover.

She said, “When I did my first video, ‘What Made You Say That’, this was the first album I ever recorded.” I was completely braless in that video. It seemed fine to me as a young woman because I was perkier. My message is: “Why should it offend just because I am older?”

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