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Source says Australia will overturn Djokovic’s visa ban

Australia will lift a ban on Novak Djokovic, a tennis player, from entering the country after three years. This will allow Novak Djokovic to enter the country. The 2023 Australian Open will be the first to be won by Novak Djokovic.

Andrew Giles, Australia’s Immigration Minister, will lift the ban according to a source who has direct knowledge of the matter.

After being deported earlier in the year, Djokovic had to present a case to the immigration ministry for permission to enter Australia.

According to the source, Giles will be in Djokovic’s favor. However, it is up to each individual to make public any travel information.

Alex Hawke, former immigration minister, found that Djokovic posed a threat to public order and health because he was a celebrity athlete who had previously opposed vaccination. He could be considered an “icon” to anti-vaxxers.

The player was deported by the minister, and he will be barred from entering for three years.

Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia, stated earlier on Tuesday that he was optimistic Djokovic would play at the Australian Open next January.

Tiley stated that there is a standard visa application process and that everyone will go through it at the correct time.

“I don’t believe there should be any preference for anyone. However, I expect to be able to answer all questions by the time they book their flights and arrive in Canada.

Djokovic’s Australian Open drama

Djokovic’s controversial visa case overshadowed the Australian Open earlier in the year. It pitted one of the biggest tennis stars against the Australian government and divided opinion in the country that had enacted severe border restrictions.

Shortly after his January 5 arrival, the government removed his visa from the Serbian national because he had not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Djokovic stated that he believed he could enter because two independent panels from Tennis Australia and the Victorian government had granted him an exemption based on the fact that he had been infected with this virus just a few weeks before his arrival.

The federal government countered that this was not a valid reason to exempt it from its rules.

Later, a judge ruled that Djokovic was released from an immigration detention facility because border officers were “unreasonable”.

His visa was then revoked again and he lost his appeal against the decision. The tennis star fled Australia shortly thereafter.

The player was able to return to tournament action after the ordeal, but his Covid-19 vaccination stance prevented him from participating in other events.

Djokovic was victorious in July’s 21st Grand Slam title. He defeated Nick Kyrgios in Wimbledon’s final.

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