Stonetech tile collection by Casalgrande Padana

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Casalgrande Padana looked to the central Alps for inspiration for its Stonetech collection of porcelain tiles.

Casalgrande Padana considers the Stonetech collection an embodiment of its latest research and innovation, with a full-body structure that means the inner layers or the tile are identical to the top surface, so the appearance of the tile is not altered by wear and scratches over time.

Stonetech tile collection by Casalgrande PadanaStonetech tile collection by Casalgrande Padana
The tiles have a full-body design

The slab tile is speckled with fragments that emulate the main rocks of the central Alps – marble, quartz and feldspar – in varying small sizes that create a subtle blend.

The Stonetech collection comes in five grey and greige shades, along with three different formats, all with a nine-millimetre thickness.

Stonetech tile collection by Casalgrande PadanaStonetech tile collection by Casalgrande Padana
They can be applied both inside and outside

The tiles are suitable for both indoors and out, and can be used on projects where maximum durability is required due their high resistance to footfall, flexure, frost and temperature fluctuations.

In addition to walls and floors, the Stonetech collection can be used for facade cladding. The tiles come in a natural or anti-slip, bushhammered finish.

Product details:

Product: Stonetech
Brand: Casalgrande Padana SPA
Contact: [email protected]

Material: porcelain stoneware
Colours/finishes: Stonewhite, Stonegrey, Stonepearl, Stonesand and Stoneblack
Dimensions: 600 x 1200 millimetres, 600 x 600 millimetres, 300 x 600 millimetres

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