Sunday marks 6 months until Election Day

Joe Biden Donald Trump debates 2024

Sunday marks six months until Election Day 2024, when voters will go to the polls to decide the next president.

The decision will likely be a 2020 rematch, with incumbent President Biden and former President Trump on the ticket on Tuesday, November 5.

The two have been polling roughly neck and neck, indicating a very close race come this fall. 

Trump has a 0.4 percentage point lead over Biden, according to the Decision Desk HQ’s aggregate polling. The former president is polling at 45.6 percent and Biden is polling at 45.2 percent, which is based on 683 polls total.

When independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is included in polling, Trump’s lead increases to 1.3 percentage points with Trump at 42.3 percent, Biden at 41 percent and Kennedy at 8.1 percent, according to the Decision Desk HQ’s aggregate polling.

With six months to go, Biden is set to campaign in Wisconsin and Illinois this week after Trump campaigned in Michigan and Wisconsin last week. Trump this week will spend more time in a New York courthouse, where he faces a third week of testimony in a criminal hush money trial. 

Later this year, the Republicans and Democrats will hold their national conventions in Milwaukee and Chicago, respectively, to officially select their presidential nominees.

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