The Fresh Trainer Style Giving Sambas a Run for Their Money in the Sneaker Popularity Stakes

Sambas are everywhere this season and while they’re still very much a thing, I have good news for you if you’re looking for another style to invest in that’s just as versatile but offers something different to the iconic three stripes. Right now, there’s a quieter ’90s trainer that’s climbing fashion ranks, convincing those who hold a soft spot for a chunkier, sportier shoe to embrace them fully this spring.

Composed of a breathable mesh fabric and traced with a colourful or metallic motif, New Balance’s 530s trainers were first introduced in the early ’90s as a new running shoe. Later becoming synonymous with clunky “dad” style across the 2000s, New Balance’s 530s have since enjoyed a redemption arc heralded by the “normcore” trend that came to champion the sporty sneaker. Eventually adopted by the street style set and off-duty models, these classic kicks have become a firm favourite amongst fashion people, injecting a cool, casual and sporty edge into their day-to-day style.

New Balance 530s

Wearing well with baggy denim, loose-leg trousers or skin-tight leggings, the chunky trainers offer a refreshing alternative to the slim-line styles have dominated for seasons gone by. Having ticked off a collaboration with Miu Miu earlier this year, the New Balance 530 trainer is picking up steam in style circles like never before, proving to be well-rid of their “clueless dad” connotations.