The Most Iconic '90s Outfits in VMAs History

After a dearth of red-carpet events thanks to the ongoing SAG strike, I’m absolutely looking forward to the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday, September 12. While every decade has had its fair share of iconic looks at the event, the ’90s take the cake in my opinion. When else could you see Pamela Anderson in a gigantic pink hat, Destiny’s Child in matching sherbert-hued looks, and Gwen Stefani in a furry bra? 

Below, I rounded up my favorite ’90s looks in VMA history. Here’s a hint of what to expect: The Spice Girls in their prime, Madonna in an elaborate costume for a performance, Jennifer Lopez in a sparkly top, and Cindy Crawford in a thoroughly modern outfit that could have been worn yesterday. Scroll down to revisit the most iconic looks from the MTV VMAs. 

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