This £17 Serum Gives Me Glass Skin—and Rivals the £165 One I Swear By

Genuinely, the results I’ve seen from using this serum are on par with the benefits I’ve seen of using SkinCeutical’s C E Ferulic serum. It gives my skin an immediate healthy glow, and I’ve noticed my complexion is even-toned and bouncy since using this. In short, I’d say this serum is worth trying at the member’s price of £17. While the non-member price is much steeper (£100) it’s still a considerable difference from SkinCeuticals £165 price tag. I wouldn’t say this product is a “dupe”, as the ingredients are different, and I think its a great product in its own right, but the results I’ve seen are brilliant.

Pros: Affordable, brightening, sophisticated formula, suitable for most skin types

Cons: Need to be a member for discounted price, more expensive for non-members

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