Trump signals Cuban regime could 'be changed' if he's reelected

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Former President Trump signaled that the leadership in Cuba could “be changed” if he’s reelected in November.

“I want to express my admiration and support for all of the brave people of Cuba, who are standing up against the vile communist regime,” Trump said in a video posted Friday to Truth Social. “It’s not easy and we appreciate it and it’s gonna be changed.”

“Under Cuba’s brutal and corrupt dictators, the Cuban people are suffering terrible food shortages, energy blackouts, poverty, political repression, and religious persecution,” he added.

Cuba has been facing an economic crisis that has also forced the Communist-run island to seek assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP). Cuba has asked for powdered milk and other items, as the country faces food, fuel and medicine shortages. 

The protests have been escalating in the country, while recently, officials have been attempting to hold talks with U.S. officials — even on issues were previously rarely brought up. Havana has also accused the U.S. of interventionism with the ongoing human suffering developing on the island. 

Trump said he and his allies are closely monitoring the situation in Cuba and that he is fully supporting the Cuban people. 

The likely GOP presidential nominee also drew contrast with President Biden claiming the incumbent has been “weak” on the issue. 

“I want the people of Cuba to know that we are watching what is happening in Santiago very closely watching it every single minute of the day,” Trump said. “We are with you. Under my administration, we will return to being very strong on the oppressors.

“Unlike Crooked Joe Biden, who has been very weak on the communists, I stand with the Cuban people. He does not stand with them,” he continued. “He doesn’t care about them. He couldn’t care less. I echo your call for the release of political prisoners in Cuba.”

The former president called on Cuba to have “free and fair” elections, but argued the U.S. also has some problems on that front — hinting at his previous unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 U.S. election was stolen. 

“You have to have free and fair elections,” he said. “Our country has some problems with that also, by the way, most of all, I share your vision for a Cuba that is safe, prosperous and free. God bless the Cuban people and God bless America.”

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