Trust Me, This Is the Classiest "Anti-Trend" Nail Colour to Wear This February

When I think of February nail colours, I immediately think of shades such as red, black and baby pink. These colours come back in style every year, and I always see lots of my favourite nail artists and celebrities jumping on the trend and showing off their manicures on Instagram. As much as I love these shades, I’m always much more interested in the “anti-trend” colours that people are opting for, those that won’t look out of place when spring rolls around. And when I think of timeless, classic shades, there’s one colour in particular that always comes to mind—navy blue. I feel like people are always thinking about this chic, dark blue hue when it comes to fashion, but in my opinion, it’s the perfect manicure colour for this time of year. Not only will it remain in style once February has been and gone, but the shade works beautifully with trending spring colours such as cool whites and soft yellows.

After looking at pictures of navy blue nails online, I decided to give the colour a go myself, and I’ve never received so many compliments on my manicure. The dark blue shade gave my nails a subtle pop of colour whilst still complimenting my neutral wardrobe, and I’ve decided to stick with this shade for the rest of the month. If you’re also interested in giving this classy nail colour a go, keep scrolling for all the inspiration you need.

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