Ty Cobb slams Cannon for indefinitely postponing Trump trial

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Former White House attorney Ty Cobb criticized Judge Aileen Cannon after she indefinitely postponed former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents case.

“All she’s really done today, though, is make official what everybody, including Jack Smith, already knew, which was she had no intention of getting this case to trial,” Cobb told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday.

Cannon’s Tuesday order, issued less than two weeks before Trump’s trial was set to start on May 20, delays some of the case’s court dates into late July and does not set a new trial start date.

She said the delay was necessary to resolve numerous issues, particularly how classified information would be handled at trial, which are details governed by the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA).

Cannon said she still has “eight substantive pretrial motions” she must rule on, but Cobb argues that she’s had months to sort out various pretrial motions.

“So, you know, this is something that I think it was always her objective, frankly, to prevent this from going to trial,” Cobb said, highlighted by Mediaite. “But also, I think, you know, her … inability, wholesale inability, to do it was made palpable.”

Cobb argued that Cannon, who was appointed by Trump, said her decision to boot the trial was a “combination of bias and incompetence.” He said her decisions, like scheduling a hearing about the Justice Department’s trial team, are “really inexplicable” and “tragic.”

“She has not honored the public’s interest for one day in this case, as she has sat in her office, apparently paralyzed from ruling on easily resolvable motions, and sadly, this case will not go to trial, notwithstanding the fact it’s one of the most important cases in history and could have easily been tried in advance of the election,” Cobb said.

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